Momofuko Ko is, as NYT food critic Frank Bruni tells us, "a new restaurant from David Chang, and David Chang is at this point the New York restaurant world's equivalent of Tiger Woods or Roger Federer." It has 12 seats. Their democratic Web 2.0 booking system requires everyone—yes, everyone—to go online at 10 a.m. and make reservations for the limited number of seats available that week. We love the idea. No calling Graydon Carter's office for a chance at the Waverly: here's the one place in New York where your precious connections and friends can't get you preferential treatment over the slobbering masses lining up for their share of the fancy chow-time.

Kottke explains the technical side of this feat, but the best part is watching the commenters on Bruni's Diners Journal blog. Some of them, after various technological contortions, got reservations:

One even offered his own review (since Bruni hasn't yet gotten in):

Very "ooo-mommy" indeed.