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We'd like to have a word with Naomi Campbell's anger management instructor, because apparently those classes she was forced to take after that infamous cell phone toss last year didn't do much good at all. According to People, Campbell was arrested earlier today for assaulting a police officer at London's Heathrow Airport, and while it's cute that they reference the fact that "travelers' frustrations have flared due to baggage delays" since the new Terminal 5 was constructed, we can't help but feel as though Campbell is officially out of excuses for attacking the innocent. Though throwing her cell phone at an assistant last year was certainly a step down on the crazy level from her 2000 incident attacking a PA on set, moving up to police assault moves Campbell out of the sanitation club with fellow alumnus Boy George, and into handcuffs territory. But what happened to the sweet, good-natured Naomi we witnessed on Bravo's guilty pleasure Make Me A Supermodel a few episodes ago?

While we're admittedly among a small group of reality television obsessives who fell in a twisted bit of love with this America's Next Top Model copycat, we fell even more in love with the show when co-host Tyson Beckford surprised the models by bringing Naomi to their townhouse to review their books. (See the video here.) Since we rarely get to see supermodels talk, let alone interact with other people on cable TV, we were overjoyed to see a sweet-spoken, calm-as-a-cuke Campbell displaying what appeared to be a very sophisticated and pulled-together persona without a hint of brewing anger throughout her cameo. So what happened in the last few weeks? While the answer to that question will come out in the courts, we're fairly certain we have an antidote that would soothe her savage beastliness: a nice butt massage.

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