Your dreams finally came true. In TV form, at least. In a love letter to the same internet that often parodies/steals from them, last night's South Park depicted many of those viral YouTube sensations that you so love, from dramatic look gopher to Tay Zonday to that Numa Numa kid (the soundtrack to my senior year of college, sadly), all meeting grim ends in a web celebrity on web celebrity melee. In the episode, the South Park boys try to collect on their "YouToob" fame (they made a video with Butters called "What What In The Butt") by going to a DMV-esque bureaucratic office and waiting for cash. All of the other internet fameballs are there, hoping to finally receive some of their theoretical riches. A fight breaks out over, what else, how many views everyone has and then Tay Zonday pulls out a gun and everyone dies. It's wonderful! [Complex] Episode clip after the jump, plus Butters' lovely ditty.