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· Knight Rider gets a new showrunner to champion the cause of the cynical, the bottom-line watching and the ruthless, Las Vegas creator Gary Scott Thompson. He's hiring right now, so dust off your best car puns. [THR]
· The Sundance Channel announces new music-variety series Spectacle: Elvis Costello with..., executive produced by Elton John. We anticipate every interview to end with Costello wishing he could stop his guests from talking when he hears the stupid things that they say. [Variety]

· Curse ye, Jericho fans! First peanuts, then Mars Bars, and now blood: Moonlight followers take a preemptive stance against the vampire drama's unlikely cancellation, pledging a pint each. [THR]
· Peabody Awards honoring the best in electronic media go to 30 Rock, Mad Men, Dexter, and Project Runway among others. Boy Sherman awards to be announced later in the day (please, provide your own slide whistle sound effect for that one). [Variety]
· Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer, he's a demon with ad sales. He's a demon and he's closing the Tribeca Film Fest. [THR], [Variety]
· Hayden Panettiere finally lands herself a non-cheerleading role, in Fox Atomic's adaptation of Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List (Something Milo Ventimiglia clearly has never compiled). [Variety]