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Sunnyvale computer-chip manufacturer AMD has strained ties between the United States and Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates. In 2005, AMD chips were discovered inside unexploded roadside bombs similar to the kind depicted in the propaganda clip below. An anonymous American official told the New York Times that no deaths are "known" to have been linked to bombs with AMD inside.

Last year, the Bush administration said the AMD chips got inside roadside bombs due to unscrupulous merchants from Dubai who resold them at a higher price to Iranians. The UAE responded with promises to create a new export control law. But such laws have had "virtually had no effect, to be honest," Iranian trade expert Nasser Hashempour told the Times. "If someone wants to move something — get it to Iran — it is easy to be done." An AMD spokesman told the Times it binds customers to agreements to not resell products to Iran.