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After comments about Ryan Phillippe's role as a gay teen on One Life to Live earned Jay Leno more attention than any picket line-crossing or old car-driving ever could, the late night host has issued an apology. In a statement released to People, Leno takes the classic "I'm sorry you misunderstood me" route, saying:

"In talking about Ryan's first role, I realize that what I said came out wrong. I certainly didn't mean any malice. I agree it was a dumb thing to say, and I apologize."

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for a mea culpa on the scabbing and roadster-ing fronts (seriously — have you seen him out there with the aviator headgear and everything?).

The ruckus started on March 19, when Leno urged Stop-Loss star Phillippe to pretend "that camera is your gay lover" in order for the actor to give it "his gayest look." For his part, Phillippe declined (and almost walked off stage). The following week saw the anti-Leno website My Gayest Look hit the scene, as well as a statement from GLAAD.

Now that the appropriate amends have been made, we urge everyone to get back to the important business of not caring what Jay Leno says or does.