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Remember that IO Digital Cable/ Optimum Online reggaeton ad on the beach that is the most ubiquitous thing on television in the tristate area? Ha, you don't just remember it, you secretly love it! Or perhaps it makes you want to murder people. Either way, when I saw this old Spanish remix of the ad running on Telemundo last weekend, I knew I had to find it and bring it to you, the viewer. This is not just the same as the ad on the beach, but with Spanish lyrics; this is a totally different ad, done in a Hype Williams-style shiny black and white palette, with dancing girls, an even more banging beat, and that reggaeton guy dressed up like Busta Rhymes, riding in a tiny car! It's truly a must-see. If you don't see much Spanish TV, you'll want to bookmark this one to watch over and over and over and over. Full video after the jump.