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Early last month Sequoia Capital fired TokBox founder Serge Faguet as CEO. An engineer who spoke with Faguet for a job interview tells us his firing "comes as no surprise." The tipster, perhaps sore that his job interview didn't go so well, characterizes Faguet as "rude and arrogant" and argues that the original idea for TokBox came from cofounder Ron Hose. But mostly, our tipster objects to Faguet's car: a BMW 650i.

It's hard not to notice Serge's brand new, white BMW convertible that he drives around. A 650i costs $82,000 base, and one can only imagine how jealous and frustrated the rest of the team is when they are working long hours and someone with no knowledge of technology (he can't even program in HTML) has a substantially higher equity stake yet offers nothing substantive, and still splurges on a new sports car.

Want to see a vehicle like Faguet's in action? Here's a clip: