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· NBC is close to unveiling their very fantasy- and action-heavy 2008-09 lineup, including a pickup of Knight Rider, and Robinson Crusoe, an "'adrenaline-charged' update of the classic tale." Said Ben Silverman, "We just wanted to give audiences a viable alternative to all the really, really gay stuff Steve McPherson seems to love so much over at ABC." [Variety]
· The heirs of Superman creator Jerome Seigel have won a lawsuit against Warner Bros. that could cost the studio millions. This all comes courtesy of attorney Marc Toberoff, who's pursued similar claims against the studio on such other projects as Wild Wild West, Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, and Get Smart, earning him the nickname "The Copyright Crusader," or, as WB execs refer to him, "Ass Tumor." [Variety]
· The first organized protests by a Fanboys fan group called the 501st are not likely to elicit any pants-soiling from Harvey Weinstein: "The 501st claims 14 members showed up in New York and, when confronted by two security guards, chose to go inside and pay to see 21 instead." They are now planning a 21 demonstration for later in the week, protesting the film's "lack of quality Kate Bosworth boobage." [THR]

· Parents of the Bride Steve Martin and Diane Keaton re-team for One Big Happy, a "comic pitch" purchased by Paramount from the creators of Party of Five. All we need is the return of Martin Short's Eurogay party planner, Franck Eggelhoffer, and we're really onto something here! [Variety]
· ICM welcomes Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven and Dude, Where's My Car director Danny Leiner into the fold, where they promise to find both filmmakers "the kinds of craptastic projects that will really let them shine." [THR]