Berliniamsburg: everybody's doing it! The European sister of Williamsburg is perfect for a perennial trend piece on the antidote to gentrification: you know, just chillin' while being a beatiful loser or an artist or a creator in Berlin. (Even me. I'm so going on vacation in two weeks!) And then T magazine tortures us with photos of two stylish musicians in a Berlin apartment to stab for. As it turns out, "What New York was in the 80s, Berlin is now," is a cliche, according to an interviewee.

"What's more, [ex-pats] are settling down: buying funky apartments, starting creative businesses, having precocious children," reports T.

This is nothing new, obviously, and we're reminded of that this morning by none other than the Daily News:

Celebrities who are virtual prey today might envy David Bowie and Iggy Pop, who escaped their '70s fame simply by moving to Germany. Bowie in Berlin author Thomas Jerome Seabrook says the pair had other reasons for leaving L.A...The two rock stars rented a small apartment in a dicey neighborhood in West Berlin and lived unrecognized for years, drinking themselves 'into oblivion in working men's clubs and transvestite cabaret bars.'

Sounds like a plan!

[Photo: Gregor Hohenberg for the NYT]