Good news, New York-based fans of Freaks and Geeks and ridiculously good looking men. James Franco (also of Spiderman) has reportedly decided to get smaht and enrolled himself in the MFA writing program at smallish commuter school Columbia University. A tipster, who sort of bumped into him at the Whitney and then eavesdropped, tells BWOG that the actor will be starting this fall and will also be taking classes at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he'll presumably write beautiful plays about a young actor realizing he has secret impulses buried inside himself. He may just be doing this to get back some of the "serious actor" cred he let slip away recently (see: Annapolis, Tristan and Isolde and, erm, Fly Boys), but who the hell cares. See you on the 1 train! The full, amusing tip lies after the jump. Plus a bonus.

Stalkers, plan accordingly: I was at the Whitney Museum administrative offices for an internship interview this afternoon. I'm signing in at the security desk, only to look up and see "JAMES FRANCO" written above my name. I turn around, and, sure enough, a scruffy-looking Harry Osbourne is being introduced to a Whitney employee by a British girl, and his hair is a nice shade of bottle blond (orange, rather). As I'm waiting for security to contact my interviewer, I hear JFranc say that he's enrolled at the Columbia MFA Writing Program for Fall 2008, and he'll be taking classes at Tisch as well.