On the Make Me a Supermodel reunion last night, beloved non-couple Ronnie and Ben (apparently they're called "Bronnie?" I refuse to accept this) were interrogated about their "will they or won't they, oh they're totally not going to" relationship, to the squiggly embarrassment of the show's two viewers (me and roommate Rose). Yes, gay Ronnie did have a crush on straight prison guard (and increasingly petulant asshole) Ben, but it faded away very quickly. He falls in love all the time! With boys on the street, with ski bunnies, with anyone! According to reunion host (and gay Bravo TV exec) Andy Cohen, this wandering eye, puppy love stuff makes giddy little Ronnie "a good gay." Ugh. Maybe true! But, ugh. A video excerpt of the awkward, squirmy reunion after the jump (watch the first minute and a half or so for the Bronnie stuff). Oh! Also a fun bonus video.