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Were you stopped in traffic in SoHo yesterday? You can thank Suzanne "Africa" Engo! But she had a good reason: she was stopping AIDS! How the hell was she doing that? We're not quite sure ourselves, but it involved $5,000 in (RED) Products, a 48-pound weight loss, and fabulous socialite Kristian Laliberte. We'll try to sort out the reasoning behind this insane and pointless self promotional stunt/ noble good cause for you, after the jump.

A hastily written and rambling press release from none other than Suzanne "Africa" Engo herself explains the situation:

Activist and THINK MTV Cause Celebrity Blogger/ Producer Suzanne "Africa" Engo spontaneously stopped traffic in Soho on Prince Street in New York Last Night with a GMHC STOP SIGN that read HIV AIDS ATTENTION NEEDED. Coming from a Kipton Art/ Kristian Laliberte Opening where a painting of gal pal and socialite/actress Annabel Vartanian donated money to GMHC. Engo was head to toe in product (red) and apparently on her way to the 100th Anniversary Party of Converse - A product (red) company. Engo was the first in New York to purchase all of the product (red) products mimicking the Oprah Winfrey Stunt in a spree totaling upwards of $5000 as a sign of her support to the brand founders. " I only stopped traffic and that's nothing, watch us stop AIDS, and no this isn't a shirt, it's scarf darling I am African I can tie this a thousand ways." Engo said shivering. The activist is currently on a binge to loose 120 lbs to draw attention to the fight against AIDS. " I lost 48lbs since January and I just want to have the energy to keep fighting, I'm gonna do a weigh in at the UNITED NATIONS around World AIDS Day"

Makes perfect sense! Just who is this selfless activist? According to a (likely self-written) Wikipedia entry, she's the founder of the New York AIDS Film Festival, as well as a relentless name-dropper. And one of only three people listed under Wikipedia's list of "Cameroonian Philanthropists!" Quite an honor. We yearn to know more about her important work! Suzanne "Africa" Engo, please send us a lengthy letter on your personal philosophy at once! The drivers of SoHo thank you.

And here's another picture she included, for some reason!

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