Kenan Thompson, SNL castmember and beloved icon of childhood for bloggers of a certain ridiculously young age, was driving a white Escalade a bit erratically Wednesday night, because of the Mary Jane. Thankfully, Kenan's passenger proved himself to be the biggest bro in the history of brodom. The Smoking Gun explains what happened when the cops pulled Kenan over:

When an officer detected the odor of burnt marijuana in the SUV, he questioned Thompson and passenger Kyle Mosley, to whom the vehicle belonged. At that point, Mosley handed over a cigarette pack containing a partially smoked joint. A subsequent police search recovered two small baggies of marijuana and a pack of rolling papers in Mosley's pockets. The 39-year-old Long Beach, N.Y. resident claimed "sole ownership" of the pot, said Lt. Stephen Elder in an e-mail to TSG.

Thompson was charged with careless driving, while Mosley was nabbed for possessing pot and drug paraphernalia. The March 26 traffic stop occurred on North Maple Avenue in Bernards Township, which is about 40 miles west of New York City.

Drug use by SNL castmembers! Is the show funny again?

"SNL" Star In Pot Stop [TSG]