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Our day just wouldn't feel complete without an update from the spittle-streaked slapfight surrounding Fanboys, the geek-world equivalent of a cuddly endangered panda being shepherded to its unwitting demise through the dark reaches of Harvey's Ye Olde Butchery and Movie Co. The pimpled purists still plan to boycott Friday's release of Superhero Movie if the Weinstein Company doesn't promise to leave Fanboys' critical cancer subplot intact, but a series of e-mail dialogues published Wednesday on /film indicates that Harvey's designated re-shooter, Steven Brill, has a thin skin that itches like crazy:

Fanboy 1: You suck for re-cutting 'fanboys.' You really do.
Brill: U suck for e mailing me your bullshit whining. U r gonna like fanboys better because of me and then u can kiss my ass

Fanboy 2: I am going to contact my booker and suggest that as a company, we do not pick up this film for presentation. You have ruined a wonderful concept. Brill: You seem so important and so knowledgeable, obviously you have formed a real considered opinion and the fact that you will not book us into your theatre is so unfair. I implore you sir please reconsider. Direct your wrath at me, but don't take it out on the movie..... What can we do to appease you Chris? You dumb cunt. E mail me again and I will hunt you down fucker... try me.

The editors at /film vouch personally for the legitimacy of these exchanges, but we're not here to arbitrate authenticity as much as look on in numb awe as Fanboys — which by some critical accounts isn't worth the film it's shot on — and its accompanying drama build to a disappointing climax all but guaranteed by the fact that the moral imperatives at stake belong to a few hundred cellar-dwelling Star Wars obsessives and the guy who directed Little Nicky. Is it just us, or do you smell sulphur?