What is the single most repellent image that humans can conjure up? Apparently, it's scorpions. Trendhunter has a list of the Top 50 "Shockvertisements" in recent history—ads that stirred up a controversy. The most common thread, obviously, is sex; but three different campaigns on the list chose to shock people by picturing scorpions. Scorpions that are touching you! Advertisers find that no other bug comes close in its ability to disgust. Below, pictures of the three scorpion ads: one is shocking but effective, one is weird but effective, and one is just misguided.

In France, the scorpion represents the threat of AIDS. Always use condoms when having sex with a scorpion

This scorpion-shaped carrot is Greenpeace's way of scaring you away from genetically engineered vegetables. That is some nasty engineering.

Stella Espresso Coffee should probably fire the ad agency that decided to depict the "bite" of their coffee with an image of a scorpion crawling up some lady's nose.

[via Adrants]