The upcoming film The Tracey Fragments stars Ellen Page (the Juno actress who invented youth), is about a bleakly disaffected youngster, looks to take place somewhere in the great Northern wilds, features a score by Broken Social Scene (they also did Half Nelson!), and employs a "highly inventive and dynamic Mondrian-like" split-screen technique. Add all that up and you get what could be the trendiest, most mind-suckingly irritating movie ever to exist. It's called The Tracey Fragments for Pete's sake. Also, "Mondrian-like"? Split screen may work (sort of) on shows like 24 but a whole movie of it is like watching a two hour preview. Does anyone remember Mike Figgis' 2000 split screen experiment Timecode? Exactly. It's hard to tell what the, you know, plot of the movie is from the trailer, but I'm guessing it has to do with the interconnectedness of all things, the places our choices take us, and people coming to terms with things. (Disclosure: I never saw Juno. So fuck off.) Trailer after the jump, featuring the late J.T. from Degrassi.