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A tipster tells us Glam Media has purchased San Francisco-based fashion blog StyleMobowned and operated by MobLogic, Inc. — "for chump change and stock (a.k.a more chump change." The StyleMob founders aren't happy about it, the tipster adds.

One StyleMob cofounder, Adam Souzis, already works as an executive director of Glam Lab. Only Sasha Cagen remains with StyleMob. The Souzis connection between the companies and the fact that StyleMob was already a Glam Media publishing partner, however, lend credibility to the rumor.

It's also not surprising to hear that Cagen isn't happy to be acquired by Glam. Glam claims to be "largest women's network" on the Web, but it's really just an ad sales team looking to buy similar-looking inventory low, bundle it, and then sell it higher. It's a poor business model, because to survive in the long-term, publishers have to be able to sell their own inventory at premium rates.