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At 289 feet, the Maltese Falcon, is the world's largest sailing yacht. Its owner, venture capitalist Tom Perkins, is over it. He's looking for a buyer to take the Falcon off his hands for about $233 million, according to The Wealth Report blog. Of the Falcon, Perkins once told Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes: "I just wanted the biggest boat." It was a beautiful sentiment, people, and we're here to honor it. So below, the five best videos on the Web catching the Maltese Falcon in all its glory.

  • The Falcon at sunset.
  • The Falcon turning, chased by a smaller boat.
  • Perkins built this yacht to wake one morning off the coast of France and hear, amid the puttering noises of the dock, a man with a thick accent say: "This is the Maltese Falcon, the biggest sailing yacht."
  • Ha ha. Your Rolex boat looks tiny.
  • "I just wanted the biggest boat. Do I have an ego? Yes. Is it big? Yes."

(Photo by antiguan_life)