Now this is actually awesome: a fameball turning on itself in such convolution that the snake eats its own tail. Remember Sweet Valley High, the 80s young-teen series about a pair of California twins named Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield? They went to Sweet Vally High, and although they looked exactly the same, their personalities were actually quite different! (Jessica was the slutty one, and Elizabeth liked to read and write.) Well, Random House is releasing them with new designs in April, and the book's cover gal, posing as both Elizabeth and Jessica, is our favorite seventeen-year-old All My Children actress/Julia Allison boyfriend-stealer, Leven Rambin! The old and new covers of Double Love and Secret, which we remember all too well, follow.

While Leven models as both Elizabeth and Jessica on the SVH covers, you'll remember that on All My Children she plays both the autistic Lily Montgomery and her older half-sister, Ava. It's this sort of thing that will get you nominated for a Daytime Emmy!