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It's no secret Google has painfully few black employees. Why lie about it? Laszlo Bock, Google's exceedingly Caucasian vice president of people operations, assured members of Congress last June that Google, which was lobbying for more H1-B visas for immigrant workers, had plenty of black employees. "We have a very strong internal Black Googler Network," he said. "We actually view it as our obligation to reach out to underrepresented communities in our industry, particularly women in engineering, particularly African-Americans. "How many [of Google's employees] are African-American?" asked Representative Maxine Waters.

"I don't actually have that data at my fingertips," was Bock's reply. "I apologize." Ludicrous. Google runs on numbers. Had that been Bock's answer in a presentation to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, he would have been frog-marched out of the Googleplex by security. Let me venture a guess here: Bock knew the figure, at least approximately, and realized it was embarrassing. Recently, Google itself has provided evidence of this.

Forward to 55:09 in the clip above to check out the size and makeup of the audience at a Google Talk sponsored last month by what Bock characterized as the "very strong" Black Googler Network. Judging by the crowd BGN drew to a talk by Ralph Ellison biographer Arnold Rampersad, Google's dominant ethnic group is the invisible man.