Marc Jacobs got in a spat with his new "boy toy," the intriguingly named Austin A., at a Los Angeles nightclub over the weekend, but later on they made up and made out all night. Except for when Marc was necking with some other random dude across the bar. After that, he trotted off to see Lindsay Lohan. And God love him for it. Unlike most celebrities, who are afraid of seeming rakish or sexually adventurous, the fashion designer just airs his delicates all over this great land of ours, not caring who clucks their tongue and says "What's to be done with this Marc Jacobs?" We should all aspire to that same ballsiness: to suck face with strangers and date former hookers and porn stars (dumb as they may be) with wild abandon, for anyone to see, all the while making sacks of money, hand over fist. If everyone was this open there would be no place for gossip and scandal and I'd be out of a job, but we'd all be free! Marc Jacobs is leading the revolution. The sex-filled, maybe a bit dangerous, revolution. Christian Siriano has big shoes to fill.