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Edelman, the massive Wal-Mart-touting PR firm with the blog-watching CEO, has hired Katie Levinson, who is fresh off her gig as the communications director for the wildly successful Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign. She's also worked in PR roles for the Republican National Committee, the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign, and the Bush White House [PRNewser]. Levinson will doubtless be a valuable addition to Edelman's stable of well-connected Republican operatives who have built careers serving the public through the promotion of neoconservatism. And CEO Richard Edelman (pictured) should be commended on his evenhandedness, since he's a committed Democrat!

Edelman has already given $2,300 to Obama for his campaign. He was a fundraiser and adviser to Ned Lamont, who ran as a liberal alternative to Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut in 2006. He's done the same for other Democratic candidates.

Putting aside your own personal beliefs in order to assemble the best possible team of political operatives from disgraceful Republican administrations who can sell their slithery expertise to the highest corporate bidder: What it takes to be a successful PR executive.