· The secret Tom Cruise Scientology video gets immortalized in Superhero Movie with perhaps the best impression we've seen yet, courtesy of astonishing Cruise-alike Miles Fisher. Seriously—someone give this lusciously be-eyebrowed kid a shot at a legit career! [superhero-movie.net]

· Someone sent in this picture of a framed portrait of Alan Thicke and family, spotted hanging in the window of a store in Pasadena. We find it terrifying. [Flickr]

· Steve McQueen's estate sues a clothing company for plastering the legendary tough-guy's face on a line of poser clothing that would eventually end up on people like Ryan Seacrest. [Reuters]

· Tina Fey's dream 30 Rock guest is Oprah, playing her best friend. She'd also happily work with Britney Spears again, whom she describes as "very professional and nice," standing in stark contrast to Paris Hilton, whom she likens to a morsel of excrement [USA Today]

· Please do not eat the Icelandic pony. [blog.icelandexpress.com]