Lee Abrams, cool older guy/Tribune Co.'s innovation director is back with another edition of "We Can Take Back The News Cycle," a.k.a. the Tribune Co. internal memo. Among his suggestions: a spoof edition of the Chicago Red Eye for April Fools'. Denigrating a free daily is funny any time of year! He also has great analogies about the internet: "There's the Internet. That's space travel. No limits." And here I thought space travel might actually be fun. How about stats? "MOST VIEWED: I think this can be expanded for the stat hungry public. Most Viewed...good. How about for the week, month, year...how about comparing most viewed to National, International etc...Maybe breaking it out by most viewed by local area." Um, that's familiar. To quote my grandmother, quoting someone else, "We mock what we are to be." [via Romenesko]