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Yesterday we speculated that a BMW M5 with a "Mozilla" vanity plate might belong to Mozilla Foundation chair Mitchell Baker, who could afford the $80,000 car with her $500,000-a-year salary. We were wrong. "I will admit to it being mine," Lou Montulli, one of Netscape's founding engineers, commented on the post. On his personal site, Montulli admits to more.

I'm largely to blame for several innovations on the web including, cookies, the blink tag, server push and client pull, HTTP proxying, proxy authentication, HTTP byte ranges, HTTPS over SSL, and encouraging the implementation of animated GIFS into the browser.

Nice little CV, but other commenters still want to know why Montulli went for an 500-horse BMW M5 instead of a Porsche. Montulli says its because the M5 is a family car. "The key feature of the M5 is the fact that it has 4 doors and seats 4 comfortably. If you look closely at the picture you may be able to see the kids car seats." So you're a family man, Lou. Fine. That excuse works around here. Just don't try it on Calacanis.