CBS News has been running a lot unappetizing stories about sex lately. First it was "Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis" (or "Four Things I Already Knew About Your Penis And One That Grossed Me Out"). Then there was "Top 10 Reasons To Have Sex Tonight" (or "10 Terrible Reasons to Have Sex Tonight.") Instead of waiting for CBS to produce their inevitable list of factoids about testicles, we made our own. After the jump, five terribly important facts about balls.

  • Erections Can Hurt Balls
    Prolonged sexual arousal can cause a temporary fluid congestion in the testicles. Known as "blue balls," this is unpleasant.
  • Erections Make Balls Harder
    When blood is flowing to that region, testicles become firmer.
  • Balls Emit A Slight Odor
    To prevent this, shower regularly.
  • There Should Be Two
    Something is wrong if there is only one.
  • Hair Grows There
    Don't feel bad if your balls are hairy. They're supposed to be! Unless of course you're encouraging a specific activity.

[image via Queerty's Morning Goods]