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63-year-old Netscape cofounder Jim Clark began dating 27-year-old Australian swimsuit model Kristy Hinze almost three years ago, she told Australian Women's Weekly . They kept the relationship quiet until now, a few months before she begins hosting the Australian version of Project Runway. Along with Netscape, Clark founded Silicon Graphics and Healtheon. Clark's latest venture, a condo project in Miami, was an unqualified bust. But it hasn't damaged Clark's net worth, reported to be around $1.1 billion.

"I never thought I was going to date an older man," Hinze told the Australian magazine. Clark's daughter Kathy is 10 years older than Hinze — and married to YouTube founder Chad Hurley. Hurley's site currently only has one video of his prospective mother-in-law, but that's sure to increase after her TV career takes off.