We told you about Mens Vogue-r Hud Morgan's Champagne-drenched Easter party that rattled his neighbors in the West Village. A tipster described a scene of staggering privilege and hubris, accented by a certain sweater the host was wearing: "horizontally wide-striped, the stripes being in bright primary colors... what a closeted gay rower would wear to a Yale football game. But the best part is that he's wearing a white shirt under it with the collar popped." Now we've got photographic evidence: click to see the infamous sweater, and help us identify the blonde girl who looks like she's arguing with ol' Hud.

He is risen. (The arguing blonde on the right is Ana Rogers, curator for Petra Projects, a tipster informs. The guy in the glasses is David Meyer, "does PR for the Standard hotels I think." Girl on left holding beer cup: Samantha Walsh.)