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Whatever happened to Andrew Conru, the porn baron of Palo Alto? After selling Various Inc., the parent company of X-rated singles site Adult FriendFinder, to Penthouse for $500 million in December, he's getting his personal life in order, commenter rumourone informs us. He's reportedly still working at Various, but planning his departure. (Will Penthouse disclose this fact when it files to go public, largely on the strength of Conru's Web businesses?) Also, he's engaged to a "devout Lutheran" named Lois. Ironic, given his porn profiteering? Hardly. Conru also launched — and sold along with FriendFinder — a religious social network,, where he supposedly met Lois. Update: Conru has written in to deny the Lois story. The full Conru tale from rumourone follows:

Andrew is doing well. He feels a little tramatized by the adult industry-imagine the hours he has worked and imagine the effect those images have had on his mental state.

He is spending time evaluating his new life, its new phase, and enjoying the simple things he once enjoyed. He is rediscovering a normal life. All the while, he is still working Various, and planning his permanant departure.

Andrew is very interested in aquaculture, he has purchased a small boat, and is somewhere in the Pacific ocean at this very moment, accompanied by his fiance-a devout Lutheran. Lois is a woman of high moral reproach that he met at She is not very attractive, but he likes her for her innerds.

They are building a treehouse in the forest. He is chopping wood for the winter, and she is canning jams and beans. Although they are starting late in life, they are planning a family of 16-some of the children are from her 4 previous marriages.

Andrew reports that he has found his "quintessential great find", and is very happy.