While the direct effects of the WGA Strike have been well-documented ($3.2 billion in economic impact, the cancellation of the Golden Globes, the greenlighting of Quarterlife), it's harder to quantify some of the strike's more indirect effects. For example, if the Writer's Strike had never happened, Heroes probably would not have gone on hiatus until the summer, which means that the world would likely never have been subjected to the latest nonsensical video ravings of Milo Ventimiglia's Divide Social Club. The group, which consists of the aforementioned Mr. Ventimiglia and two of his meathead buddies, was founded in March of 2006, but it wasn't until Milo found himself without steady employment a few months back that the group's work began to take off. And by take off, we really mean devolve to a level of inanity that makes Chris Crocker look like Daniel Webster. Take, for instance, the video clip above, which documents Milo and his pursuit to eat poolside nachos ... with sour cream.

Riveting stuff! Ventimiglia has clearly used his downtime from Heroes to study the some of the medium's true masters. His naturalistic mise-en-scène reminds us of early Rohmer, while the brutally efficient and fast-paced dialogue clearly rivals Mamet's finest work. However, if you thought that Nachos At The Pool was a revolutionary and essential addition to the cinematic canon, just wait you see Milo's Easter-themed masterwork, Crazy Bunny. JC would be proud.