Oh noes! If you read Page Six magazine in Sunday's Post, you would have found it impossible to ignore the item warning us about the possible upcoming reality show... starring Star magazine talking head Julia Allison, her bestfriend, handbag designer Mary Rambin, plus their other friend, former hedgefunder/current techblogger and "heiress to the Sun Microsystems fortune" Megan Asha.

"The premise: the trio are starting an online business together, which a source close to the show says will give it 'more gravitas...'" Indeed it will! Allison has denied this rumor before, but since it's all up in the magazine with a big picture, and in Asha's blog, we think it may be true! Hey gals: if you're gonna be on a reality show for reals, you're no longer allowed to get all up in a tizzy about occasionally ending up on Gawker!

Also reported by P6 regarding the current rash of NYC-centric reality shows starring fameballs: "The 10021" (that's the Upper East Side), starring socialgay Kristian Laliberte, diamond heiress Annabel Vartanian, Devorah Rose, editor of Social Life mag, and male model Teddy John. (Rose gave a priceless quote to Emily Gould last year when asked why she worked at Social Life despite her "serious" interests: "Um, because it's easy?")