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News that The CW would be shooting the pilot for a Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff was undoubtedly met with conflicted feelings by the sporadically employed cast of the original series, even going so far as to cause Ian Ziering to wake up repeatedly in cold night sweats, shouting into the darkness, "But will they remain true to the original show's vision of eight best friends who pledge over countless lunches at The Peach Pit to remain together, through thick and thin, whatever life throws at them?!"

But where life gives you spinoffs, hopeless optimist Tori Spelling makes spinoffade, telling People that news of the new 90210 would surely cause her father Aaron to "[beam] from above." (Every time a desperate, bastard network discovers a previously proven commodity it can exploit for ratings, an angel gets its wings.) Tori also would love to be involved in a series-regular capacity, telling People, "I'm obviously too young to have a teenager, so maybe I could be one of the main character's young stepmom...Playing the funny sex ed teacher at the high school would be funny, too, considering Donna Martin was America's most infamous virgin." Either part could work nicely; alternately, they could craft a role around Spelling's gifts, making her the lady who cleans The Talon Salon, the Korean nail studio where the gang gathers daily to gossip and pal around over mani-pedis. ("Tori—you missed a spot!")