The Moment of Truth—the bold Fox reality experiment that promised to pulverize real lives into a fine confetti by hooking average Americans up to a lie detector and having them answer brutally personal questions about their crotch-stuffing and philandering habits—has failed to really deliver on its promise.

Still, Mike Darnell, Fox's Czar of Aberrant Programming, has plenty riding on this particular venture, knowing that all it would take is one unhinged spouse and one smuggled-in handgun to really give the country something worth watching. Last night's show came as tantalizingly close as ever: In the clip above, host Mark Walberg takes approximately 17 minutes to explain just how much was at stake in a contestant's decision to move past the $100,000 point, and answer a question so shocking, so intimate, so mindblowing, the truth was all but certain to not just destroy her life, but the lives of every person in the studio audience. Enjoy.