You know what people like reading about? Penises! Half the population has one and the other half wants to get up on one. (Like the mainstream media, I choose to ignore lesbians.) Knowing what a hit these little (or big) guys are, CBS has a rundown of five things you did not know about your penis. Like No. 1: "Your Penis Does Have a Mind of Its Own". In eighth grade Latin, this kid would have the most awkward erections while we waited in the hallway before class to start. Now I know that his sentient penis just enjoyed dead languages. More shockers after the jump!

  • No. 2: "Your Penis May Be a 'Grower' or a 'Show-er'"
    Hey small willie-d guys, don't worry. Your penis may get bigger when aroused.
  • No. 3: "Your Penis Is Shaped Like a Boomerang"
    Look down at your penis. It's shaped like a Boomerang. Who knew?
  • No. 4 actually did surprise me, so skipping to:
  • No. 5: "Most Penises in the World Are Uncut"
    Oh my god. You mean that skin needs to be removed?
  • Back to No. 4: "You Can Break Your Penis"
    Ew, really? That depresses my vagina.

[image from the ever delightful Morning Goods via Queerty]