Total class: Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick explains about "this girl Mary [Rambin]," the handbag designer-or-whatever and Julia Allison bestfriend (whose seventeen-year-old sister he shagged), revealing why he's named his moustache after her. It's because she said he "looked like an idiot" via a deleted blogpost... (She wasn't wrong, but later apologized.) "Since she's not currently well-known, if my readers later hear her name in a legitimate context, they'll think of my moustache. I'm diluting her name and her brand..."

"From here on out," he continues, to give the appearance of taking the high road, "I will no longer engage the vicious small-timers of the web. In other words: ad-hominem attacks — attacks on my character, on me as a person — will no longer be acknowledged."

"Blog away!" adds the ever-self-conscious Lodwick, conflicted as always about whether he even wants people to talk about him. But no good act of hubris should go unrewarded. So Jakob, we'll do just that.

[Photo of Mary Rambin: Nikola Tamindzic of Home of the Vain]