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The Starbucks high command had its annual shareholder meeting today in Seattle. The company's stock price has fallen by almost half in the past year. So what big changes are in store? Upgraded coffee makers, shorter espresso machines "that will allow baristas to interact more easily with customers," and other minor crap that probably won't change the fact that SBUX is the embodiment of corporate stealth penetration into the liberal American psyche. The company's big hope for redemption, though, is its newest customer-relations website,, where they solicit ideas for improvement from YOU, the consumer [WSJ]. If you have any great thoughts you should let them know immediately, because even the more popular suggestions on the site so far aren't exactly staggering works of turnaround genius:

more coffee smells - From a customer in Feb. 08

Have all baristas make drinks the same at all stores.
- From a customer in Feb. 08

Live jazz ... poetry readings ... short film festival hosting ... BBQ fair
- From a customer in Feb. 08

Please get an online strabucks product store. Not just for coffee.
- An idea from our Annual Meeting of Shareholders on March 19, 2008 in Seattle