When we exposed quirky downtown actress Parker Posey's dog as being the devil yesterday, everybody chimed in with their own story! Parker Posey, control your dog! From New York to L.A., there have been multiple disastrous run-ins with little Gracie, starting with "her brother kicked my dog," and ending at the Chateau Marmont.

Update! "I'm working on a film that shoots on the same stage as the ill fated Jezebel James. The studio had to do some MAJOR carpet cleaning in Ms. Posey's old dressing room before Denzel moved into because that dog peed on every inch of it. Apparently, that's the number one thing people around here recall about her."

A video of Gracie, starring musician (and Posey ex) Ryan Adams! (And Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead, weirdly.)

"Her brother kicked my dog. No, that is not a euphemism. He actually kicked my dog and was ejected from my apartment. The Poseys should be banned from animal ownership."

"That dog tried to flee Posey's clutches a handful of years back. I was at the Union Square dog run with my dog and Parker was there with Gracie (who I thought was called 'Crazy' because of Parker's high pitched and drawn out yell) was all up on my lap. Parker kept saying "Oh, Gracie wants a new mommy!" I wish my dog had peed on her."

"I've had a nearly identical experience with that dog, only I was the salesperson. Listen, the lady is charming, her dog is nuts, and Gawker is devil-ish. PPose!"

"That pissy little dog once snarled and tried to bite my five year old in the garden of the Chateau Marmont, simply because she wanted to give it a pet. Parker said, not apolegetically to my teary kid, "My dog isn't so friendly." And we say owners are like their dogs...."

"Her dog (Gracie, right?) peed on my bag at Chateau Marmont last spring. Then, the dog ran all over the property and into the driveway. She sat in the middle grassy area of the garden yelling "Graaaaaaaaacie" at the top of her lungs, but never got up off her ass to find the fucking rat herself. The valet attendant finally brought it back. She never thanked him and she never apologized about my bag. The hotel felt so bad about it, they offered to have it professionally cleaned... which I took them up on."