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Fans of The Hills, MTV's probing voyage past young Hollywood's vacant eyes and into the unknown landscape lying just beyond (turns out, the unknown looks a lot like the Beverly Center!), will instantly recognize Audrina Partridge in the explicit photos above links below. One of the show's pack of nocturnal, scene-crawling famepires, Partridge found a replenishing source of the C-list celebrity she so desperately needs to feed on being cast as the fiercely loyal sidekick to head Hills succubus L.C. Conrad.

But before that, she found her nourishment wherever she could, even if it meant posing nude at the tender age of 19 in the hopes of scoring a Playboy pictorial. The spread never materialized, but the test shots live on. For a closer look at the photos, including the naughty Catholic-schoolgirl-uniform series (the skirt isn't nearly as hot when it gets soaked in a pool and hangs there like a sad Irish Setter), we usher you over to

[Photo Credit: X17]