Since resigning, all we've seen of Eliot Spitzer is the underside of his collar. His paid lady friend, though, is everywhere. Or at least, as usual, people would like to pay her vast amounts of money to be everywhere.

  • Georgi Vodka, the blogger Vodka of choice, is willing to pay in the low six figures for her to be their next "butt girl." Low six figures might be all right for a regular call girl, but we're talking about a high-class call girl here, one who could inspire her very own scotch ad campaign.
  • Hustler is also offering her $1 million for a shoot. Hopefully Eliot Spitzer can take solace in her career and our first blind and philandering governor. Larry Flynt would demand that she go fully nude for the shoot, of course. But don't worry about payment! "By most accounts," says Silicon Alley Insider, "Larry is a trustworthy pornographer."
  • Girls Gone Wild wants to give her $1 million to do a photo spread and go on tour. But they may rescind that offer (which didn't even involve any going wild, according to reformed good guy Joe Francis) now that they've realized that they have "'a week's worth" of video of Ashley celebrating her 18th birthday, which she did on the big bus," according to TMZ.