At the GLAAD awards last night Tim Gunn, the most wonderful man alive, said that Christian Siriano, the wee fashion designer with the Sydney Opera House on his head who recently won Project Runway's fourth season, is going to be the next Marc Jacobs. I wonder if this means attendant drug problems and threesome having with hookers and porn stars. After making the comparison, he plainly stated that "We have found America's next great fashion designer. We really have. I'm confident." Heady praise for a 22-year-old! I dunno, it seems a bit impulsive to say something so sensational, so publicly, about a designer who is in such nascent stages of a career. In the end, I'm hoping he'll be more like the ever-crazier Betsy Johnson than the increasingly sane Marc Jacobs. Either way, I'm excited for someone on the red carpet to say they're wearing a dress from "Tranny, by Christian." [The Cut] Video of the little monkey creature after the jump.