Abe Karpen is a Hasidic Jewish hunk who was supposed to star in New York I Love You with Natalie Portman. He had to drop out of the film after being threatened by members of his community. Due to his strict religious beliefs, Karpen refrained from holding Portman's hand during filming, but he still freaked out all of his Hasidic homies.

When photos emerged showing Karpen strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge with Portman, rabbis told him they would expel his daughters from the local Yeshiva. A friend, who spoke to the Daily News, said "the community wants to kill him." Karpen fled the city to escape the wrath of his angry Orthodox compadres. I'm not sure what the status of the movie shoot is, but they should call me if they need another Jew. I even have sort of a Jew beard and everything. Plus, I'm ready and willing to hold Natalie Portman's hand, or any of her other body parts. I would have no problem with that at all.

NYDN via HuffPo