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· Because our lust for all things Richard Corben knows no bounds, and in particular the fantasy-art giant's prodigiously beschlonged signature hero Den, news that the inimitable David Fincher is overseeing Paramount's Heavy Metal remake is being met with a great deal of (solo) high-fiving around Defamer HQ. [Variety]
· Sarah Michelle Gellar works! She'll be taking over for Kate Bosworth in Veronika Decides to Die, a harrowing tale of physician-assisted suicide set in and around Riverdale High. [Variety]

· Hollywood NepotismWatch: Smith Edition. Willow and Jaden Smith attached to star in Warners' adaptation of Kazu Kibuishi's Amulet, a graphic novel about siblings who move into a dead relative's house and find a magical object and secret porthole, etc etc. You know the drill. [Variety]
· NBC is reportedly close to a series pickup for an untitled drama starring Christian Slater, and pitched as The Bourne Identity meets Jekyll & Hyde. This really should have starred David Hasselhoff. They broke the Jekyll & Hyde mold with that guy. [THR]
· Carla Gugino joins The Rock in Disney's Escape to Witch Mountain reimagining! Is that good? Is it bad? We don't know! Just don't fuck this one up for us! (Granted we haven't seen the original in about 30 years, and we plan on keeping it that way. Some levitating-over-a-chain-link-fence moments are best preserved in your wide-eyed youth.) [THR]