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The Church of Scientology strikes back! Online. Having grown tired of being hounded on the internet by the anonymous cyber-protest group "Anonymous," Scientology not only filed an injunction in court (which failed), but also posted its own counterattack videos to YouTube. Under the account name "AnonymousFacts," the main video charges the group with "hate crimes" against Scientology—characterizing the group as terrorists. Scientology also made separate videos "exposing" several individual members of Anonymous. And someone submitted those videos to Digg, and even started Wikipedia entries attacking the Anonymous members. It's a significantly different—and more sophisticated—strategy for Scientology, which usually relies on secrecy, intimidation, and litigation to get its way, rather than trawling for internet influence. The four full videos are below: First is the main one, "Anonymous- Hate Crimes & Terrorism Directed At Scientology," followed by three separate videos aimed at exposing specific Anonymous members.