So the blog by Spitzer's call girl is obvs fake, because all she writes about is blogs. I wish it were harder to tell, or at least had clever jokes, because then she could join this list of the ten best ever parody blogs.

10. Mark Cuban: The billionaire dot-commer and owner of the Dallas Mavericks actually gets a lot of attention for his real blog.

9. Al Sharpton: A site called News Groper started running celeb blogs last year; Sharpton's is one of the few funny ones.

8. Tom Cruise: A shame this one hasn't resurfaced this year.

7. Darth Vader: The jokes are too geeky, but this is one of Twitter's most-followed accounts.

6. Nick Denton: The fake blog of Gawker's publisher, dirty and full of in-jokes and totes written by a former Gawker editor.

5. Rosie O'Donnell: No wait, it's real, I just keep forgetting when "ro" posts things like:

effective monday march 17th
35 years 2 the day my mom left
the governor goes
thru the whore door

4. Condoleezza Rice: Most jokes on this fake Twitter account are about White House personal politics: "Stuck in traffic on Pennsylvania Ave and guess who pulls up next to me. Colin in his Avalanche! AWKWARD!"

3. Harriet Miers: The Supreme Court nominee blogged like a 13-year-old girl. Fake Harriet kept posting photos of Real Harriet to throw the ludicrous style into sharp relief.

2. There is no #2, because nothing deserves to come close to #1.

1. Steve Jobs: The only consistently great parody blogger, Fake Steve Jobs is more entertaining than real Steve would ever be. Better yet, the Fake Steve book isn't just a rehash of the blog.