He's back on the web! You might know the scruffster for his music (Love Is Hell), but you might also know him from his entertaining oversharey Internet exploits! Exhibit 1: sending us a poem for ex-girlfriend, writer Jessica Joffe, after she blocked his email. Exhibit 2: Making multiple YouTube videos about said breakup. Now that he's back, we hope to read his delightfully unedited thoughts for a long, long time. To wit: "If only I had the lack of self respect to just bury myself in some nagging bosom in the bowels of the Beatrice Inn." Oh, yeah? Also, his "mega-talented thespian pal Park" gave him a drum.

there must be a way to write these things for others to see and still feel nobility and a sense of self unaffected by the eyes of the world.

There sort of isn't, though. Unfortunately.

[DR Adams Films]