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It's been too long since we've cuddled up with HuffPo powerblogger Ari Emanuel: The dissolution of his Ari's Frustration of the Day column by no stretch of the imagination suggests the Endeavor partner has suddenly developed a Zen-like acceptance of his rightful, bitch-hugging place in the universe. On the contrary, it seems that certain lurid acts committed by state-level politicians have nudged the bug that's taken permanent residence inside his hindquarters further up the Ari Coast than ever before:

You can't effectively govern the people in public if you can't effectively govern yourself in private. Period. End of story. How can we allow you to make decisions that affect the private lives of others when you can't even control your own? [...]

I'm not preaching. I'm no Puritan. I'm just saying, if you can't follow the law, you gotta get out. [...]

We need leaders who are not going to be distracted by the explosion of their shadow lives.

That's not canned emotion you sense: It's legitimate outrage at the shameful acts of our hypocritical elected officials. Those high n' mighties could certainly learn a thing or two about integrity from the world of Hollywood agenting, where every Harry Winston-abetted gesture of fidelity towards one's spouse is fueled by genuine love and appreciation of the sacred and exclusive bond they share, and not guilt over that cater-waitress you happened to let blow you behind the wrap-party tent in exchange for a solemn promise to get her package "to the right people."

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