Eliot Spitzer is going to resign any minute now (or sometime in the next few hours). The resignation will be announced today, and will take effect next Monday. Last night the Times said, rather cryptically, that his wife wanted him to stay on (no reason why—she wanted him out of the house?), others report that Spitzer was holding off on a resignation until his lawyers could get federal prosecutors to promise not to charge him with anything. The New York Post can exclusively report that Governor Spitzer wanted to "set the mood" before his illicit tryst with an unknown "classical-music CD." Oh, and the Guv has enjoyed the company of hookers for ten years or so (or, as the Post puts it, he "has been hopping into bed with harlots for as long as a decade and traveled as far as Florida for steamy trysts"). He is a good tipper. A NY1 reporter just announced that the press gathered outside Spitzer's apartment are "waiting for the money shot." Update: An announcement will come at 11:30. At his apartment, at his midtown office, from room 871 in the Mayflower Hotel—no one knows! It might just be a letter, placed in an envelope with a thousand dollars cash and left on the media's dresser.