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Step aside, Ghost of Marlon Brando. Hit the bricks, Bobby DeNiro. The newest disciple of Constantin Stanislavski's renowned Method acting technique is none other than Miss Foxy Cleopatra herself, Beyonce Knowles. Fresh off of her exciting and unexpected upset of Kanye West in a heated match of Connect Four, Beyonce arrived on the set of Cadillac Ranch this week determined to regain all of the buzz that Jennifer Hudson usurped from her in Showgirls Dreamgirls. In fact, she's so dedicated to making her performance as Etta James shine that she's taken to staying in character both on and off the set. As this Media Take Out tipster reports:

I was at the (swanky New York City celebrity hotspot) Waverly Inn a few nights ago and you'll never guess who showed up - Beyonce ... Beyonce was sitting next to some White guy who kept saying to her 'Don't worry Etta, ignore it Etta.'"

While we're not entirely sure exactly who said "White guy" is or, for that matter, what prompted "White guy" to reassuringly address Beyonce by her character's name, we do know that Daniel Day-Lewis wasn't spotted traipsing around the booming New Mexico club scene when he was filming There Will Be Blood. We think it's admirable that B is showing such keen dedication to her craft both on and off-set, but something in us feels that this half-assed attempt to stay in character is closer to Paris Hilton's version of the Method than what Lee Strasberg would have taught. Then again, we're fairly certain that this anecdote will come in handy when Miss Knowles has her inevitable sitdown with James Lipton. Scrumtrilescence guaranteed.

[Photo Credit: Just Jared]