When Glamour fired their so-called "Edgy English Teacher" dudeblogger Mike yesterday, Radar Online's resident man-about-town (and former Gawker intern) Neel Shah got on the case, as he is known to do! Mike was fired by basically provoking commenter revolt after he got a little too open and honest about his womanizing on his "Man Needs Date" Glamourblog. What did these two heartbreakers discuss? (Fuckin' women!)

"It's really upsetting that this girl soured the experience for me," he tells Radar in an e-mail message. "I'm still very upset and in shock over the whole thing. Believe me, I could say some things about her that would blow everyone away. But despite it all, I will at least TRY to be a gentleman this time around."

Cherico also adds that he's debating whether he should take legal action against Smarty Shoes for the public smackdown she gave him, as was suggested by "several lawyers. But given her mental history, I feel she could potentially be a danger to me, my loved ones, and, ultimately, herself."

Word. Nothing says "masculine" like "calling your lawyer."
I've Never Claimed To Be a Saint [Radar Online]